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Powerful Portraits - Hashimoto Disease

It was a moment of synchronicity when I put the call out to anyone willing to share their story - Renae contacted me to share hers and at this time I really needed to hear her story.

Her journey around physical health impacting her mental health was exactly what I wanted to understand and share. We had some similarities in our stories... without going into the anatomy of my own issues around having my IUD removed, this is her story;

"In September 2017 after a personal health audit I decided that I no longer wished to subject my body to hormonal contraception. I was using the Mirena IUD which meant my body had not been allowed to menstruate for some seven and half years. It was time to let it function as it was so expertly designed to. The coming 5-6 months I saw a rapid decline in my health, at first I thought my hormones were just trying to balance themselves out because I was feeling all of the feels emotionally. However as the days, weeks and months passed by I got worse – sleeping 12 – 16 hours a day, waking feeling like death, so chronically fatigued some days I didn’t even know my own name. Then the anxiety and panic attacks kicked in – during January 2017 I had no less than 6 panic attacks that resulted in me being on the floor of my office (alone) or wrapped in the arms of my beloved the #hottasmanian hysterical, uncontrollable tears flowing, shortness of breath and chanting the words ‘I can’t do this anymore. I can’t fight this. I want this to be over.’

The moment it dawned on my that these were suicidal thoughts was the darkest time of my life. This was so far from my regular attitude to life I could process it.

Thankfully my mum came to the rescue and dragged me off to a new GP – I certainly wasn’t keen to see the one that whipped the Mirena out of me and sent me on my not so merry lil way with zero recommendations to support my body through the change it was about to undergo. This new GP was a breath of fresh air. – she asked me all of 4 questions and said to me ‘I’d put money on you having a thyroid condition’. Sure enough a plethora of blood test later I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – autoimmune disease of the thyroid. I was medicated, it was recommended I check out the Thyroid Pharmacist (in the USA) and my healing journey began. I have made some massive as well plenty of very small adjustments to my life, diet and mindset and I’m so stoked that I am now off all medication (it certainly had it’s share of side effects for me).

You can check out more detailed and candid audio version of my story in my interview with Bryn Edwards Episode # 99 from the WA Real podcast. #languagewarning "

Thank you Renae for bringing awareness around Hashimoto Disease and especially how IUD's can impact our body and mind.

If you would like to check out how Renae created solutions that support her health - she has a very cool business - found here

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